Multifunctional barbershop

Project description

This complex includes: a coffee shop, a barbershop, a spa, a clothing showroom and a tattoo studio.

Multifunctionality requires a clear division of the space into zones that reflect the characteristic processes that take place in them. A very important task was to implement the concept of "Isntant money" as it is a commercial space. Thus, it was decided to place the coffee shop in an area as close to the entrance as possible, the coffee shop itself is the implementation of the concept of instant gain, the sale of coffee does not require a lot of time, so people passing by can "pop in" for coffee, without interfering with the processes taking place in the back of the room. The main area is occupied by the barbershop itself, designed as a "showcase". It is a box enclosed by frosted glass partitions at the ends, separating the spaces where people are meant to stay for a long time, thus providing comfort to the visitors of the barbershop. The long side of the box is made of transparent glass partitions, on the opposite wall there are shelves on which the products of the barbershop are presented. In the same part of the room is a spa room. In order to create an atmosphere of loft space, it was decided to keep most of the walls and ceiling unfinished, with an open system of communications. A part of the ceiling above the barbershop box is done in the form of a suspended ceiling from metal netting; a large amount of light in the barbershop and glass partitions separating its space create a feeling of a luminous "cube". Further down the catwalk is a clothing showroom and waiting area for visitors to the bbershop and tattoo studio. The very tattoo studio is separated by a transparent glass partition, behind it there are brightly colored canvases, illuminated by neon, taking into consideration the location of the tattoo studio, this very part became a bright spot of color, which catches the eye right from the entrance. In the sanitary unit a distinguishing detail is a metal frame running the entire perimeter of the room, dividing it into contrasting colors and smoothly passing into a coat rack, in combination with the metal sanitary equipment it creates the atmosphere of a brutal and modern institution. The minimalist metal hangers and concrete benches were distinctive features of this project. A lot of metal, glass and concrete combined with warm wood are used in the whole interior. Thus, we created the interior at the expense of elements approaching the style of brutalism, with minimal spending on finishing.

1st floor plan

1st floor plan

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