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Architecture with meaning

ZROBIM architects is a full-service architectural and design firm, with 7 offices around the world working on residential, commercial, educational, and cultural projects. Since 2011, the firm has grown to a team of more than 80 professionals.

We are engaged in design of any scale and purpose: from private houses to administrative or public buildings and shopping centers, as well as from residential quarters to small architectural forms and landscaping. Creating architecture, not only do we design full-staged projects, but think about scenarios of human life, work, study, and leisure.

Our mission is changing the world through high-quality conceptual architecture. We create meaning and an idea for every project.


History of development
ZROBIM architects

  • 2011
    Founding of the architectural bureau ZROBIM architects. Participation in the international competition «Archstoyanie'2011».
  • 2014
    Winner of the online voting of the international competition BELARUS DESIGN AWARD'2014.
  • 2016
    A new direction for the construction of modular houses BY home.
  • 2017
    Launch of a YouTube channel about architecture and design ZROBIM architects.
  • 2017
    Opening of the serial furniture brand BY furniture.
  • 2022
    Complex of rental modular houses on the Braslav Lakes NOMAD HOUSES.
  • 2023
    Development of an original educational course in interior design.
What we are proud of
International awards

What we are proud of

Architectural Engineering

We create unique designs of houses and buildings, taking into account all the features and wishes of the client:

  • Private houses
  • Public buildings
  • Villages and neighborhoods
  • Improvement

Architectural projects

What we are proud of

Interior Design

We develop modern interior design for apartments and houses, bringing into the space a new embodiment aesthetics and color, made in combination with global trends.

Private houses

Apartments design

Design of public spaces

What we are proud of

Serial furniture brand

We have launched a brand of designer furniture, BY furniture, which brings uniqueness, freedom of creativity, inspiration for productive work and good rest to the space.

When producing and designing our furniture, we take into account all the needs of modern people and global trends, we look for and find the best ways to implement our ideas, achieving a balance of design, comfort and quality in every piece of furniture of our brand.


What we are proud of

Production of modular houses

Keeping up with the times, we create prefabricated modern modular houses using technology that allows you to configure and expand the house by adding modules.

BY home technology is based on the principles of rationality and optimality. This is reflected in the successful combination of environmentally friendly materials, energy efficiency, functionality and overall cost of the home.

BY home

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Architecture with an idea

The ZROBIM architects studio team loves architecture of any size and purpose: from private houses to administrative, public buildings and shopping centers, from residential areas to small architectural forms and landscaping. When creating architecture, we do not just make a project and all its stages, we think about the life scenarios of a person who will live, work, relax, and study there.

The project is just the beginning.

Our studio’s projects are the result of a creative union between architects and the client, the result of joint reflection. And therefore, among our works you will not find two identical buildings or interiors. By creating various projects for people, we change their lives for the better.

Architecture with meaning
Andrus Bezdar
Alexey Korablev

«We believe the project is not the result of work but a small step toward a larger goal — project implementation.»

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