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The main idea of the project was a combination of two concepts: logic and elegance. While developing the planning solution, it was important for us to keep the maximum volume of the kitchen-living room, and at the same time we got separatebedroom and a children's room. In this apartment special attention is paid to the storage, there is a full wardrobe and laundry room. The whole interior is designed in one calm color scheme, where the simplicity of light monochromatic surfaces is combined with complex texture of materials, such as marble, wood, concrete. The noble blue color in its various shades accompanies all this. Artworks fill the space with life, showing the owners’ love of beauty. Special attention is paid to the light in the apartment. It was important for us to provide different lighting options. Light, besides its functional purpose, has one more function here – it emphasizes the volumes and materials of the interior. Some lamps we have developed specifically for this project.

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    Modern design inspired by the sky
1st floor plan

1st floor plan

Explication of the plan

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