Premium Village WHITE ROCKS


Premium Village
by ZROBIM architects

Architecture inspired by nature

WHITE ROCKS - our new village with business+ segment villas is located in a picturesque place in Sochi on a hillside overlooking the sea and the Olympic village. We complemented the natural richness of the territory with an expressive architectural image together with engineering and planning solutions. Thus we achieved a balance between aesthetics and function, natural and anthropogenic environment.

  • Area: 2.2 ha
  • Project scope: 26 houses
  • Year: 2022
Unique architecture
Engineering solutions
Integration with nature
Recreational infrastructure
Complex geology

Natural Landscape and Engineering Constraints as a Shaping Factor

The village is located near the airport of Sochi on the steep terrain and with an incredible amount of inputs:

  1. terrain drop of more than 25 meters on the short side of the site
  2. difficult geological conditions in the form of landslide soils
  3. the presence of existing engineering infrastructure (power cable, gas main, protected locator, which is located in the radius of the airport).

All these factors influenced the design and final architectural image.


Village master plan

The master plan is dictated primarily by the topology of the site itself. The laying and routing of the main street is designed in such a way as to minimize the work with earth masses and to prevent the appearance of large retaining walls on the territory of the settlement. Thus, we found it rational to work with the existing topography without disturbing its natural character.


Type 1 houses
Type 2 houses cantilever 4 m
Type 2 houses cantilever 8 m
Type 2 houses cantilever 12 m


We have divided the houses on the plot into two types depending on their final area. This classification, in turn, determines the layout and visual characteristics of each plot, providing the future occupant with a comfortable stay and beautiful views.

Also on the site there is an area located in the airport locator area, where, according to regulations, residential development is prohibited. So here we implemented the concept of a small landscape park with ecotrails through the existing greenery and forest area.


Territory balance

Most of the area - 76% - is devoted to residential function, and the share of public infrastructure and engineering facilities is 24% of the total area. A landscaped patio, private pool, and carport are all on each lot, and common recreational areas are within walking distance.


The boundary of the projected area
Boundary of residential plots
The centerline of roads and driveways
Roads and driveways



Site specification

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
S, ha 6,9 4,9 4,3 4,6 5,2 6,3 5,4 4,9 6,2 5,8 4,8 5,7 4,8 5 5 5 5 5,5 5,9 6,1 5,9 4,7 5,1 4,4 4,9 7,2
S, m2 688 491 434 463 523 575 525 488 602 667 504 623 668 505 495 500 503 455 589 661 588 472 510 439 488 724

House typology

Two types of houses have their own characteristic features.

Type 1 - these are houses that are integrated into the topography, the entrance to them is organized from the bottom of the plot. These houses are more static and solve, first of all, the competent planting of the homeownership, flowing over the terrain and repeating it. 

Type 2 - houses are somewhat larger and can already be classified as "dynamic" architecture. Entry is provided from the top of the house, the cantilevered overhang goes deep into the plot. In the body of the overhang is a common space kitchen-dining room, and by turning it with respect to the site, we can provide a much better quality of views of the house, and minimize visibility of neighboring houses.

House type 1

1st floor 57 m2

Possible content: kitchen-dining room, living room

2nd floor 133 m2

Possible content: master bedroom, guest bedrooms

3rd floor 57 m2

Possible content: fully developed isolated master bedroom

Building area 165 m2
Total area 283 m2, of which 20 m2 terrace in the master bedroom

House type 2 with 12 m cantilever

1st floor 54 m2

Possible content: fitness / spa unit, hobby room, kitchenette with recreation and barbecue area, swimming pool equipment

2nd floor 133 m2

Possible content: kitchen-dining room, living room, hobby-area or room, possibly a guest bedroom

3rd floor 54 m2

Master bedroom, guest bedrooms, study with separate entrance from the street

Building area 175 m2
Total area 295 m2

Street Profile

When forming the street profile, it was important to consider the views of each villa, which look out over the stunning shore of the black sea, the Olympic venues and the valley of the development of the city of Sochi itself. However, these same view characteristics coincide with the direction of the brightest burning sun of the southwest direction.

Based on this, in the architecture, already at the concept stage, we tried to lay the traces of passive cooling of buildings in the form of closing shutters, and the architecture itself by its cantilevered outlets form inner courtyards patios, where due to the natural shadow will be comfortable to spend time in their own landscaped space.






As part of the development of the concept of the village, we always try to lay down the idea of the design code of the development itself. In this project, the visual identity is formed by the specifics of the site, the climatic conditions of the region and local features, which must meet the demand of the market.

Finishing materials

We decided to use durable stone materials in light shades and wood decking in the many terraces that form the courtyard space. Due to the rather steep topography, the green areas of the site would have been quite difficult to maintain, so the emphasis is on the terraces, and wood is one of the main materials.

Speaking of finishes that meet the climatic and cultural requirements of the region, these are light stucco, fiber cement panels and natural wild stone, which we use in engineering objects (retaining walls, fences).

Upper level: decorative light plaster
Middle level: concrete, untreated/wood planking
Lower level: wild stone, boulders


Entrance Group Design Type 1


Fencing: reinforced concrete

Gate: single-section sliding, welded construction of sectional steel pipe and coated RAL 7024

Fence: welded construction of sectional steel pipe and coated with RAL 7024 finish

House number: solid polished aluminum screw-frame with white LED illumination of 6-9 LEDs

Street lighting: pole, lamp head and underground strip are made of 5 mm steel and finished with RAL 7024 powder paint

Entrance Group Design Type 2


Fencing: solid wood fence board with graphite-colored wood texture

Gate: retractable, invisible, hidden fence RAL 7024

Wicket: welded structure with RAL 7024 finish and profiled pipe

House number: solid polished aluminum screw-frame with white LED illumination of 6-9 LEDs

Street lighting: pole, lamp head and underground strip are made of 5 mm steel and finished with RAL 7024 powder paint






Land Improvement

The landscaping of the territory is represented by two entrance groups - the central park and the park area. The location of these areas is due to the specifics of the site identified earlier. So the park area we placed in a place not suitable for residential use, but which is excellent for outdoor activities.

Park area


Another infrastructural and technical feature of the development site is a power cable with building restriction zones, passing through the territory of the settlement. However, this particular feature has not become a problem for us either.

We organized a trail with small public spaces and playgrounds at the site of the cable laying, which complemented our recreational infrastructure and was integrated into the topography without disturbing its integrity.

Central Square



And coming to the result of the final concept of the settlement and its architectural ideas, we formed the naming and its conceptual positioning. The resulting image reminded us of white rocks, which we decided to reflect in the name - White rocks, as an element of architecture, complementing the landscape and evoking quite clear associations.

  • FUTURE CAMPIONSHIPS: an overview of large-scale projects for the developer
    FUTURE CAMPIONSHIPS: an overview of large-scale projects for the developer
    What should a modern village be like? What requirements does the modern real estate market dictate? How to create a liquid business project? Based on our experience we have formed a unique settlement design system and opened a separate liquid design division to work with developers and developers, consisting of representatives of regional offices around the world and a creative team in Minsk.
    8 Feb. 2023

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