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Project description

The project of a modern women's club in Saudi Arabia, where our main task was to develop landscaping and design of facades to create a comfortable and private space with the widest possible range of services and recreational opportunities: restaurants, cafes, co-working spaces, beauty salons, beaches, swimming pools, etc.

The complex itself is a "U" shaped plan with an enclosed courtyard with swimming pools, access to the water and a beach. The planning structure, with its symmetry, refers us to palace complexes and is represented by three blocks: the central, left and right wings.

The core of the complex is its central part, which also serves as the main entrance to the building. From the outside, it is the most deaf, opaque volume, the entrance to which is organized through a portal made of brass, along which a waterfall flows. On the inside, the facade, on the contrary, has a large amount of glazing and terraces, which, together with recreation areas and thoughtful landscaping elements, form a private interior space, closed from the eyes of passers-by, with access to the ocean.


1st floor plan

1st floor plan
Explication of the plan

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