Lightwell house

Architectural project

Project description

The house is located in a dense cottage development on a small plot, so we decided to use our favorite architectural technique - to orient the house inwards. To do this, we placed an atrium with plants in the center of the house, and all the rooms of the house were located around it.

Thus, the passage along a glazed well in the form of a gallery does not look like a boring corridor, but is visually part of one large space and at the same time the shortest, located along the internal perimeter. This allowed us to avoid dark corridors, since all transit zones in the house are located along the atrium in the form a beautiful gallery that turns any movement around the house into an aesthetic journey.

The facades of the house are predominantly monomaterial made of clinker beam bricks. The entrance and summer recreation areas with a terrace are highlighted by accent elements of façade plastic in the form of massive screen walls, which seem to be raised from the floor level of the floor and form portals that invite you inside the house.

  • Lightwell house

1st floor plan

1st floor plan
Explication of the plan

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