Kaporki house

Architectural project

Project description

The KAPORKI house consists of a main and a guest unit, which are connected by an open terrace. The main entrance and its transparency allow you to see into the courtyard literally through the whole house, breaking the general boundaries between indoor and outdoor space.
The main block, in turn, includes all the necessary functional areas, which are connected by corridors integrated into the landscape design. The façades and outdoor terrace are well shaped by the careful combination of materials. Fibre cement panels and wooden planks are complemented by an accent material, copper composite panels.
An integral part of any architectural object is its perception not only during the day but also in the evening. Using a solid line of light, we emphasized the interesting dynamics and texture of the façade, so that in the evening the object will look no less impressive.

Basement floor plan

Main house plan

Explication of the plan
1st floor plan

Guest house plan

Explication of the plan

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