Residential complex landscaping

Project description

Here we were engaged in the detailed study of the improvement of the residential complex with two large apartment buildings, surrounded by parking, firefighters and not only driveways. All this infrastructure violated the integrity of the improvement fabric, created obstacles to the movement of pedestrians and did not allow creating a comfortable and safe environment. Therefore, we completely changed the principle of movement around the territory of the residential complex and conducted the restructuring of the driveways. Thus, we not only made the territory of one, formed ring walking routes, but also increased landscaping, made the stay of children and their parents safe.

We worked in detail functional zoning in the territory of the LCD. Standard functions are such as sports, playgrounds of different ages, we have placed a quiet recreation area based on acoustic comfort. We paid special attention to the shading of the territory, since there are many sunny days in Krasnodar. Permols of various forms, repeating the plasticity of improvement, are located in all quiet areas.

1st floor plan

Explication of the plan

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