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In this project we designed the facades. We had the task of making an unusual façade, since the house itself is an ordinary box standing on a foundation. When developing the concept, we drew on the client's brief and based on it came up with the idea of making a "soaring" façade. We suggested making a vented façade from the bottom level of the windows to the highest point of the house and adding lighting along the bottom edge. We took the façade outside and levelled it with the terrace. Underneath this construction we placed pots from corten and planted tall grass in them. When you look at the house from the side facades you can see that the facade is detached from the ground and starts to grow taller. The final element of the facade we made consoles over the "soaring" facades, they are also "detached" from the house.

Diploma in the framework of the Archnovation competition as "The best interior of a private space. 2020-2023"

Floor plan

1st floor plan
Explication of the plan

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    Black house in the style of minimalism. How to make a modern stylish house out of a frame house | House Tour 175 m2

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